My background is in graphic and web design, however photography has always been one of my passions. My photography has been mostly self taught but I have had some courses on the subject. I remember the days of film and had a shoot and point camera but I was always had an eye for photography. I think though it was my trip to Greece in my high-school years that the passion really started to surface.

I am also a passionate vegan and animal rights advocate so my photography reflects on that a lot. I just love animals and my hopes is that by bringing some of their moments we can regain a love for animals and connect with them once again. The only way to shoot an animal is with you camera.

I am very grateful to this universe to have been blessed and continue to develop my skills and grow them even more! PALS illuminated was created with the intent to help animals, enhancing the PALS because animals are my friends. I hope to develop this even more. Adoption and Sanctuaries are two subjects that are really important to me.

I don't believe animals are our pets, they are individuals, we are care takers, guardians and they are their own person. They are friends and family members. I feel we need to get away from the context of owner, and pet. It has such a low vibration and context to them. My photography, I dislike posing them, this does not reflect their natural state. I like to shoot them as they are, it might not be the most glamorizing photos but I feel its authentic.

Other loves and likes include traveling, self improvement, animal protests and demos, veganism, animal communication (which I am actively seeking in branching out and learning more).

I am located in Burlington Ontario Canada and besides my photography I have been working on my new activism page called The Gentle Vegan and trying to build Sanctuaries Directory on Facebook.

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