Angelita came into my life when I was doing a clinic in Mexico. I could not think of letting her back on the streets so I adopted her. She has been the source of my Joy and my sidekick throughout the months we've been together. Hard to feel down with this silly girl in your life. She loves walks, like a typical Mexican she loves to sun bathe. She is semi vegan(working on getting her to be full), she loves popcorn, beans, tofu, cooked veggies, pineapple, blueberries, papaya, and even Chao a vegan cheese. She is super social although doesn't always know how to behave loves both people and dogs(She loves cats too but her energy is too high at times for them). Considering bringing an animal into your life, consider adoption. So many street dogs in parts of the states, mexico, and around latin america in general(all over the world REALLY!). Or also adopt a dog that was rescued from the dog meat trade. So many of these animals need a home. Please don't go to a breeder, or pet shop, ADOPT! You won't regret it.