This album is a dominant part of my life as I go each week to bear witness to fellow earthlings their last moments on earth. Most people do not know what goes on and really on. We've been lied to, that milk is good for us, that eating meat is needed etc. When all in all its to keep us unhealthy and profits rolling in. Finally not to mention the most horrible cruelty you can't even imagine. Pigs have their tails cut without any pain relief, they have their testicles removed also with out pain management. Male baby chicks are discarded and ground alive. Cows have to be impregnated to produce milk and when they have their baby once they are born they are taken from their mothers and either shot or then sold for the "veal" industry. Bearing witness is important because even though they look the same, they are individuals this is the first and last ride they will have. Bearing witness and these active events are probably the only compassion these animals will ever receive. What awaits them is pure sheer horror. For more information you can visit The save movement, Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Chicken Save, and Toronto Cow save. ***Warning* Some graphic content particularly the cows.