Leo was a good friend to me, when another companion, Smokey was put down due to thyroid cancer. In 2014 we had to put Leo down as his body was failing him he lived to be 16 and 4 months of age. 10 years after my bestfriend, Smokey left this earth it was Leo's turn. Leo taught me a lot. Even in his final days his body was giving up with only 20% muscle left on his back legs he tried to get up, he tried to walk, he wanted to live. Leo was a true fighter (in a good way!). Even through all he was faced in life, real bad allergies come Aug time till the first frost he was cone bound as he would get so bad allergies. Also in 2012 we thought we were going to loose him, and got diagnosed with kidney failure but to our surprise and even the vets he sprung back and lived 2 more years. I think a good last part of his life he was blind and while he did not get diagnosed with it I think he had doggy dementia. But even with all that his spirit was to keep fighting and keep going.