Toronto Pig Save, holds weekly vigils 3x a week, each day of the week is for one species in particular. Thursday mornings are usually for the pigs, however we have had all day vigils that fall into different days of the week. Did you know that the average pig slaughtered for meat is 4-6 months of age? This is incredibly young age, they do not even get to see a birthday. Because a few months after they are born they are slaughtered. Their tails are routinely cut off, teeth are pulled and testicles are removed and all this is done without no pain management. Pigs are also said to have the intelligence of a 3 year old, and are also said to be smarter than dogs. If it were dogs inside these trucks, everyone would loose their mind. Yet these beings suffer, feel hunger, feel thirst, and they also wanted to live their life. Free from what society categories them too.