Since Jan 2012 I have been going down to Mexico to help with spay and neuter clinics so far a total of all my clinics that I have done and been part of 6,702 animals were spayed and neutered. Reducing the population dramatically. While cats have a much better chance for survival in the streets, dogs need humans to keep them going. They are not feral, they are not wild animals. So their chances of survival depend on the humans and feeding them. While lots of dogs do find their way to survive its not just about food, its also about diseases, and being hit. TVT(Transmissible Venereal Tumor) which is a highly contagious is one of the diseases, that can keep spreading if not treated and dogs that are on the loose. The culling that happens is also not good and some of the methods that people use is SEVERELY CRUEL. Dog or cat they should not be left on the streets. Their basic needs aren't being met, food, water, shelter from the elements. Also spaying and neutering is healthier for the dogs and cats. Too many animals die each day because there just is not enough homes for them all. Please consider adopting rather then buying an animal, millions of animals without a home. Please be responsible, ADOPT.