Just a fair warning for those who might be visiting and not used to these type of images, they are not graphic yet for some it could be. There are a few surgery shots in here. perhaps 5 or 6 in total With Isla Animals we set out to do a spay and neuter clinic in Rancho Viejo which is located next to Corales in Cancun Mexico. Even though it is on the mainland it is still part of Isla Mujeres. We Spayed and Neutered 149 animals in total in four days. Both cats and dogs were spayed/neutered. I think when we return to do another clinic there will possibly be far more people. As at the end we were turning away people because we were not able to do them. If you would like to contribute you can visit and make a donation at wwww.islaanimals.org $25 dollars helps to spay or neuter one dog or cat.