The clinic we did in Rancho Viejo which is on the mainland but is part of Isla Mujeres, put together by Isla Animals. We spayed and neutered a total of 755 animals. I don't even want to do the math but we saved tons and tons of lives from coming into the world. This time around was pretty crazy, we were often short of volunteers. On average I was watching 3-4 dogs at a time, it was crazy and the AMOUNT OF CATS seriously….We had so many cats come in which was great but so many cats. We had a few losses and because of that I decided after that to keep my priolrities on making sure each animal was breathing, of course removing tubes, cleaning them up and removing catheters. If I had time I then would cut nails, check for ticks, and clean ears. However because having to watch 3-4 dogs. Rather then do one dog with the complete works I would often go around the table which were round and check to make sure the above. Naturally if a dog was awake I would stay with that dog doing what I could for him/her until we could find his/her family or then a proper crate to put him in. So much work to do though in that area. One lady managed to bring in some street dogs and they were covered from head to to toe with ticks..One of the pictures you will see, while removing the ticks with tweezers the dog gave my hand some kisses as a way of saying thank you for helping me. Yes as a vegan and someone that believes all beings have the right to life, here I am killing ticks. However I would not purposely go around spraying stuff to kill them all, but when they cause such a huge problem and many illnesses for dogs, the ticks on them is not a good thing. It was a wonderful clinic. Was so nice to be hands on doing some good in this world of ours.