Royal winter fair comes every year and its one of the biggest agriculture shows I have ever seen. While there is a small area devoted to vegetables its 90% about the animals. Within the establishment they have thousands of animals. There is a lot of lies within the walls, exploiting and encouraging the disconnection. In one are you can go and see the animals. I walked everywhere to bear witness to them and see them. Believe me there are things to be witnessed. This particular year a lot of energy I did not like within the sheep area, however as I was looking at the baby calves which were going to later become peoples veal I witness things. One of the calf's was sleeping, a man passed by with a cane did not like the calf was curled in a ball and sleeping so he jabbed him with his cane. There has been other incidents like this as well. On the other side is the product of the pain and the suffering that very few know really what its about. From Fur coats, to cow skin rugs, to burgers, and other products containing so much amount of pain and suffering.