This album is super important to me and I can only hope that this will be the biggest album of them all. Sanctuaries are a sacred place where animals are FREE To finally be themselves and live life that was intended for all beings. A lot of these animals that make their way to a sanctuary have had to endure much hardships in their life, one of abuse, cruelty, neglect, and usually quite a bit of suffering. While each animal that finds themselves at this place is not always the case for the most part this is true. Please support sanctuaries and not zoos, or circuses with animals etc. They truly need the help, and its a way to visit animals without the exploitation factor. In sanctuaries, animals are just being themselves, living their days doing what they want to do. Its a safe place for them to be. Please note them being vegan based sanctuaries, please do not bring eggs, milk based products, or flesh of other animals(meat) with you when you visit.